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So I've been in school for half a year now and things have settled down somewhat.
As for my future, funny enough both my parents told me to take it easy, learn what I could, and enjoy the experience; they said I was stressing too much over my future (<--?!?!?! lolol). So even though I'm pretty much feeling like a job in the anime industry might not be for me, I will stick it out and see how things turn out. At this point I'm considering aiming for 3D animation in the US, but we'll see. Keeping my eyes open, and in the meanwhile brushing up my art and learning as much about various software as I can.

Meanwhile, at school something called "Harajuku Festival" is coming up soon. It's a 3-day event that seems like some sort of open house-cultural festival fusion with activities, food booths, and student works on display. I think I have 2 works that will be displayed and I've posted my photoshop work, which I'm rather proud of. 

Looking forward to Halloween and determined to post something this year!!!
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splashgottaito Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2013
I still say you should aim for 3D animation in the US too XD;;; I WANT YOU BACK HERE~~~
There are really just too many starving artists out there in general though, I'd say you're in for a long ride no matter what in the art industry ORZ

Petshop17 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Student
Yeah, sadly the path of the artist is a long and difficult one XD;;;

Strength amidst adversity!!?!?!?! (chikara kashite orz...)

Kya miss you too <3<3<3<3<3 Also looking forward to any possible future kyojin commissions you fill nyaha XD.
splashgottaito Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
Ahahaha!!! Well I got a request from someone I met at a con, I hope to be able to draw those out next chance I get XD;;; Next chance to draw when?!?!?!?! orz
Well bf likes to come over on weekends and watch movies, and we're onto Inazuma movies next... which of course I've seen too many times, so maybe he won't mind if I draw during those dohoho

I WISH YOU WERE HERE hkdgnkjdfv;sad
Petshop17 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013  Student
ooh looking forward to seeing it!!! And movies! That sounds like fun. My friends and I are going to watch The Grudge on Saturday XD;;; (Mostly because we watched the japanese version and I kept saying how much scarier the american version was LOLOL).
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