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Ok... so currently in Japan studying animation and realizing WTF what am I doing?!?!?! Need to do some serious soul-searching about my future (trip to the student services center). But in the meanwhile I shall truck on and do some more arting...

In other news... I'm ALIVE!!!!! muhahaha XD
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Woot. Now I get to bash my head against the brick wall that is JLPT 1kyuu (level 1).

In other news, I might actually get to post some art sometime soon. Hopefully I can throw in something late for Vday too XD;; Happy VDay everybody!
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Wow, so I'm finally checking back here after a JLPT induced, 2-month hiatus. God I really hope I passed, but it's kind of on the fence. Another 2 months until the results are out! Hopefully they'll be filled with lots and lots of lovely art <3
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